Congratulations on your decision to make Olde Towne your home! We are confident you will experience the unique character, charm, and quality of life that Olde Towne offers. You may have already selected your building site and a home plan or perhaps you are talking to one of our builders about a custom or spec home. Regardless, now is the time to familiarize yourself with the covenants, codes and restrictions that serve to guide construction and living in Olde Towne at Millcreek.

Together these documents might seem intimidating. The best way to understand these documents is to review each, paying attention to the section. This will help you know where to look for specific information when you need it.

Please be assured the objective of these guidelines is to assure the harmonious development of buildings, blocks and streetscapes within the neighborhood and to create value for and protect the value of your real estate investment for years to come.

Urban Design Guidelines:

  • Urban Regulating Standards
  • Architectural Standards
  • Landscape Standards

Covenants, Servitudes, and Restrictions:

  • Definitions
  • Establishment of Neighborhood Association and Commons.
  • Establishment of Easement of Enjoyment and Servitudes.
  • Covenants related to Building Planning and Construction.
  • Covenants and restrictions related to the Owners Use of Individual Lots.
  • Dedication of easements and right-of-ways by Developer

Covenants of the Olde Towne Neighborhood Association & theĀ Olde Towne Arts and Cultural Society:

  • Management duties, responsibilities and objectives
  • Membership requirements

Design Procedure and Applications:

  • The Design Review Procedure guides you through the steps to having your home plans approved
  • The Design Review Application is filled by you and your builder and submitted for a meeting with the Design Review Board and final approval.
  • The Landscape Standards give guidelines on what is required for landscaping
  • The Landscape Application is filled out by you or your landscaper and submitted to the Design Review Board for final approval at least 1 week before installation. (No meeting required)