We often hear how wonderful the neighborhood appearance is in Olde Towne and how different it is from conventional neighborhoods. Most often heard comments pertain to: how good it FEELS, how homey, how quiet and well maintained. There are many elements that contribute to this overall feel, a few are listed below.

Trees, Trees, Trees

Mature Trees – There are approximately 10 or more 80+ year old Live Oak trees and dozens of other mature trees throughout the neighborhood, including White Oaks, Water Oaks, Hackberrys, & Pecans.

Street Trees – Throughout the streets of Olde Towne you will find a diverse variety of generously spaced street trees including Elms, Hollies, Sweet Bay Magnolias, and Cypress trees. These trees are located between the streets and the sidewalk. They certainly contribute to the overall beauty of the streetscapes in Olde Towne, but also provide shading and serve as a buffer for pedestrians from automobiles.


The abundant use of front and side porches in Olde Towne also contributes to the friendly, neighborly aesthetics of both the home and the streetscapes, while fostering the interaction between residents.

Because most porches in Olde Towne are a minimum of 8’ they are more than just a place to decorate. They become functioning outdoor rooms that are easy to enjoy.

Home Elevation

Above ground grade elevation of homes provides better curb and street appeal. This is especially true for homes with porches. Olde Towne has not ignored this important aesthetic quality and requires homes to be elevated 2-3 ft above sidewalk grade.


Achieved by design. In Olde Towne, one side of the home is designated either “zero side” or  Phase 2 and 3, and future phases “privacy side” . This side of the home allows for windows only 6’ or higher. This affords for an abundance of natural light while providing privacy both for the homeowner and the neighbor alike. This is reciprocated on the other side allowing for vast windows, patios, etc. all while still maintaining privacy.

Rear Lanes

Each street is an artistic canvas for the daily enjoyment of its residents and visitors. Front porches greet the streets.  Garages, carports, electrical boxes & utility services (including garbage) are accessed from lanes behind the homes, leaving you picturesque landscapes of green grass, gardens, and trees.  Sidewalks are welcoming wide, streets are narrow and traffic moves with measured ease.

Rear lane hard surface and easements are well thought out and wider than other local TND’s They allow for garbage and recycling pick-up on the rear lane, so trash does not have to be brought through home and placed in the fronts of the homes.

Rear lanes in Olde Towne are concrete (not black top) a value to HOA due to lower maintenance cost.


A number of common areas, including parks with mature trees and a children’s playground are scattered though out the neighborhood. (With each new phase additional parks & green spaces.)

Pool and Arbor Area with bath facilities. A useful multi-purposed pool is a great place to meet friends, it offers lap lanes, recreation area, soaking bench and wading pool or enjoy a break listening to the water fountains and watching the sunset. Can also be reserved for parties and entertaining

Pond is stocked for fishing and will be further enhanced with fountains, landscaping and seating areas

Future: Town Center will offer commercial and retail spots, jogging trail,

Ideal Location

One mile from Ambassador Caffery and Verot School which means close proximity to restaurants, shopping, theaters, and 3 major hospitals (Our Lady of Lourdes, Women and Children’s, Heart Hospital). Because of this ideal location to the new Lourdes Hospital, Olde Towne is sure to be a favorite for relocating doctors, nurses and other hospital staff.

Olde Towne is within Lafayette city limits (all Lafayette Utilities Systems services including Fiber as well as electricity, water, sewer, garbage, recycling and Centerpoint gas service).

Top Ranking School District Milton K-8th and Comeaux High School.

Neighborhood Activities

Reminiscent of traditional small town America, Olde Towne creates an atmosphere and surrounding beauty in which people feel free to interact.  It provides comfortable spaces to gather and visit, all without sacrificing personal space and privacy.  You will experience the close-knit ties of a small town community, where your neighbors are your friends and your friends become your extended family.

An assortment of neighborhood activities are enjoyed by the residents of Olde Towne and greatly contributes to the quality of life here. Some past activities included various Christmas gatherings, Crawfish Boils, Progressive Dinners, Halloween Costume Parties, Pumpkin Carving, Trolley and Hay Rides, Pig Roast, TGI Friday at the pool, Water Aerobics Classes, Swim Lessons, LSU and Saints playoff games, Pay Per View Boxing, and more.

Variety of Homesites & Demographics

Olde Towne offers a variety of homesites to accomodate homes anywhere from 1400 to over 4000 square feet.

This variety of homesizes accomodates a multi-dimensional neighborhood population that includes singles, couples, families, empty nesters, and retirees.  The diversity achieved by gathering people from every vibrant stage of life is what brings such vitality and texture to the neighborhood.

Phase 3B coming 2015 will offer over 40 lots, including both rear and front loading lots.  Sign up for our mailing list to receive early access information when the lots become available for deposits.