Neighborhood Info, Applications, & Forms

New Home Owner Info:
For all your information on dues, pool & mail keys, utility companies, etc !

Pool Rules & Party Application:
The Olde Towne Pool & Arbor Area is a wonderful place to spend time with your friends and family.  Familiarize yourself with the pool rules to ensure a safe and fun environment.
If you’d like to have to have 7 or more guests please fill out this Pool Party Application.

Design Review App (Construction):
If you plan to make any changes to the exterior of your home, please fill out this form with the areas that will be changed and turn in for approval, prior to installation or implementation.  (A few examples would be stain & paint color changes, installing or removing fences, adding satellite dishes, etc).

Landscape Standards & Design Review App (Landscape):
Please familiarize yourself with these landscape standards and turn in the landscape application (or a professional landscapers proposal) prior to installation of landscaping for approval.

Resident Complaint Form:

OTNA Event Proposal:

Urban Design Guidelines

OLDE TOWNE Urban Design Guidelines were established to assure visual and functional harmony between the various neighborhood elements.  To maintain the highest standards of quality construction, the guidelines demand expert craftsmanship and good design.  The process for approving qualified builders and specific architectural standards embody this document.  By helping you meet and exceed these codes, the guidelines will help build and protect your investment.

The Urban Design Guidelines pertain to your responsibilities to Olde Towne concerning the construction and design of your home.

Covenants, Servitudes, & Restrictions

The Covenants, Servitudes, Restrictions (C/S/R) pertain to your responsibility as a homeowner in Olde Towne.

Covenants of the Olde Towne Neighborhood Association & the Olde Towne Arts and Cultural Society:

  • Management duties, responsibilities and objectives
  • Membership requirements

The Olde Towne Covenants pertain to your responsibility as an Olde Towne Association Member.