Welcome to Olde Towne at Millcreek!

Lafayette’s most unique traditional neighborhood is spread charmingly over 53 acres. This pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use neighborhood has been planned to provide an abundance of comforts, conveniences and leisure activities.

Olde Towne surrounds you with a slower, gentler environment – one that nurtures the soul as well as the body. When you join our community, you embrace a way of living that offers true serenity and rejuvenation.

Reminiscent of traditional small town America, Olde Towne creates an atmosphere and a surrounding beauty in which people feel free to interact. You’ll find the harmonious streetscapes and vistas of Olde Towne charming and beautiful. Here you will discover a quality of life beyond comparison to that of conventional subdivisions.

The Developer

Four generations of the Lamb Family have been a part of the Lafayette community for over 50 years and are proud to offer a truly unique experience in traditional neighborhood living. It has been said, “good things are worth the wait.” In the case of Olde Towne, we especially believe this to be true since it has been in the planning and development stages for over 10 years. During this period our team has been and will continue to be guided by the objectives and principles embodied by the Vision and Mission Statements that we created initially.  We believe these principles, consistently applied, will help create a better “Quality of life” for the residents of Olde Towne at Millcreek.


Vision Statement

OLDE TOWNE at Millcreek, a traditionally styled neighborhood, will embrace 21st century technology, yet be reminiscent of an earlier time and a less demanding life style. We will strive to capture that unique character, charm, and quality of life that is typical of many small towns that are forever etched into our memories. During the development process, we will act with complete integrity and candor in all matters, in an honest and professional manner.


Mission Statement

  • We will utilize industry professionals, that are committed to the creation of memorable and pedestrian friendly communities.
  • We will be protective and conservative of the site’s natural landscape and watershed features as they are carefully integrated into the neighborhood.
  • We will seek harmony and compatibility between various neighborhood elements of the street, the block, the lot, and the house.
  • We will plan pedestrian destinations that promote social interaction rather than social isolation.
  • We will modernize and code “compatible traditional architectural styles” that will create interesting and aesthetic streetscapes.
  • We will offer home plans that are designed to fulfill our homebuyers needs and expectations while providing the enjoyment of day-to-day living.
  • We will utilize front porches rather than garage doors to welcome neighborhood residents and their guests.
  • We will create private space both inside and outside the home.
  • We will encourage utilization of quality building materials and state of the art technologies.
  • We will be proactive with participating builders and the real estate community to market OLDE TOWNE at Millcreek.